Land Development with Tourist and Golf Resort

Cyprus, because of its climate, geography and position at the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa has become since the beginning of jet tourism in the 1960s, one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean area, attracting tourists from all over the world. The three most important markets for incoming tourism are the UK accounting for almost 40%, Russia 20% and Germany 5% and Greece 5%. The total number of tourists in 2015 reached 2,659,400. The outlook for 2016 is really positive with the number of reservations rising. With its sandy beaches and forested mountains blessed with sunny days throughout most the year along with a rich history and cultural heritage of more than 4,000 years, Cyprus has managed to build a good reputation as a reliable destination with high quality tourist resorts.
Cyprus emerging as a major destination for Golfing Holidays

In the recent past, Cyprus has enriched its tourist infrastructure with Golf Resorts which have placed the island on the map of golf destinations, attracting high income tourists. With four impressive, but quite different courses, all within a half hour drive of the popular resort of Paphos, Cyprus is emerging as a genuine contender on theEuropean holiday golfing map quietly building a reputation as a hugely enjoyable alternative to Spain and Portugal.

Three more signature designer golf venues are planned on the island with stunningly picturesque courses capable of testing even the most accomplished player. The main markets for Cyprus include the UK and northern European countries such as Germany, Austria,Switzerland, France and the Netherlands.
Moreover, by 2018, Cyprus will acquire its first Casino Resort which is expected to add an additional 500,000 tourists to the pool of visitors and holiday makers. It is worth noting that a study on the competitiveness and prospects of tourism in Cyprus carried out jointly by PWC and the University of Cyprus in 2013 revealed that there are prospects for attracting a new tourism “market” whilst, among existing tourists, a significant percentage of 30% (cumulatively) are positively disposed towards a Casino. In other words, of the 2.5 million tourists that visit the island on a yearly basis, 750,000 could be a target group for casinos.
Health & Wellbeing Tourism

In the meantime, Cyprus is trying to develop other special interest forms of tourism such as Cultural, Religious and Health& Wellbeing tourism. The PWC/University of Cyprus 2013 study, showed that Health & Wellbeing appears to gain more popularity compared to other forms of tourism traditionally considered to be of greater significance, such as Sports tourism, Conference and Incentives tourism and Agrotourism, displaying a significant upward trend.

The strong points of this specific category of special interest of tourism include quality of services and facilities as well as quality of additional/related services.
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