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The Council of Ministers of the Cyprus Government has introduced attractive schemes to encourage property investments in Cyprus for non-EU citizens. Non-EU residents have the opportunity to acquire a permanent residency permit with the purchase of a private home of at least €300,000 and deposits of minimum €30,000 in a local bank for three years. The attractiveness of the scheme, however, goes further and offers two or three permanent residency permits for one family, with the purchase of a house at the corresponding price. Non-EU residents can acquire Cypriot nationality with an investment of a minimum €2 million through the purchase of shares and/or bonds of the National Investment Company and €500,000 investment in the Research and Technology Fund; or through direct investments of €5 million; or through bank deposits of €5 million in a local bank for a period of 3 years; or through payments of corporate tax or VAT of at least €500,000 annually during the last 3 years (before the application has been made).

Recently, new legislation has been enacted providing additional benefits to the investors in the property market, such as a 50% reduction in transfer fees for all transfers and a 100% exemption from capital gains tax for profits on properties purchased until 31st December 2016.
Investment Opportunities in Real Estate:

Exclusive Building Complex in Nicosia for sale

A super modern building complex currently being designed by a land developer in Nicosia, at the entrance of the city, in Strovolos, in an area opposite the highway junction at the entrance to Nicosia. This is a privileged position which will offer convenient operation and services both to the people who will benefit from the operation of the building complex as well as the interested public.

The exclusive 15 floor building complex will be constructed based on all contemporary methods the construction industry and shall include 50-60 exclusive suites or apartments, approximately16,000sqm of office space, restaurants, one square/balcony for every 3 floors,six elevators, lobbies, storage areas, parking spaces. It shall be covered with photovoltaic panels for saving energy, all relevant plumbing and engineering installations as well as a swimming pool on the 12” floor. This building comp\ex will be a jewel as regards looks, ecological construction and functionality for the convenience of all people who will be using it and utilizing all amenities provided. The design shall allow the interested buyers or tenants to make changes to suit their needs or the special requirements of their business.
Existing commercial offices in Nicosia for sale

Recently built and extensively fitted out by a ‘blue chip’ financial services company under a long-term lease with a healthy rental income and ground-floor space suitable for retail use.
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