Investment Opportunity in Land Development with a Tourist Resort

A Health & Wellbeing Resort

Capital and Debt equity for the biggest Health & Wellbeing Resort with a retirement village community (assisted living complex) in Europe. The company has a consultancy agreement with the Buena Vista Hospitality Group, the American hospitality giant. The Project aims to offer a unique response to the needs of Health, Wellness and to provide Ambient Assisted Living facilities with a range of facilities located in an area of exceptional natural beauty.

Phase I of the Project will include the following Health Resort components:

5star Hotel facilities, Hotel Village apartments, Medicare Hotel

ii. Outpatient Clinic and Diagnostic Centre, Rehabilitation Centre, Spa & Wellness Centre

iii. Assisted living facilities, Residential units

iv. Commercial Unit

Group Structure - The operating model provides numerous investment opportunities:

At the Group Level strategic investors can become involved in all the Company’s projects.

At the SPV (profit centre) level,investors will have the opportunity to invest in each specific component of the Project, such as the Hotel or the Assisted Living Facilities.

The Group structure further maximizes the opportunity to attract investors, who will provide both financial and technical support.
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